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The Ultimate Guide on How to Develop Intuition

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Our sixth sense, intuition, has been honed by humans for centuries and I utilize it as my primary intelligence. It's the ability to grasp something without rationalizing, analyzing, or verifying it. In the immortalized words of Stephanie Mills “Something in the Way You Make Me Feel,” yes that first, which determines the temperature and tone of the further analysis. Intuition is a captivating topic and has stimulated the interest of many from different disciplines like psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience. Being an INFJ, I’m intimately acquainted with intuitiveness assisting in making better choices, selecting relationships, and boosting self-awareness. I’m here to share my insight on the development and cultivation of this jewel.

Intuition is a subconscious process, some call a "gut feeling" that helps in understanding something intuitively without exerting conscious effort. It doesn’t depend on previous knowledge or experience; it's a natural talent inherent in everyone. Intuition descends to the mind from above, while instinct rises to the brain from below. One is evolved with the higher self while the other primal is of the lower nature.

It operates by tapping into our subconscious mind, which processes information beyond our conscious awareness. Our subconscious stores and analyzes data from past experiences, emotions, and senses without judgment. When we encounter situations similar to our past experiences, our subconscious retrieves that data and delivers a feeling or a sense of knowledge on what to do, often called a "hunch" or a "gut feeling."

Being Intuitive is crucial in decision-making, problem-solving, and creativity. It enables a person to make quick and effective decisions, even in situations where they lack information or enough time to analyze the circumstance. Intuition is essential in situations where logic and reason are inadequate, like in artistic endeavors or interpersonal relationships. Here’s a few ways to develop this skill:

1. Meditation is an excellent method for developing intuition, especially those looking for a place to start. It quiets the mind, reduces stress, and increases concentration. We become more cognizant of our thoughts and feelings during meditation making it easier to identify and trust our intuition, thus higher self.

2. Trusting your gut feeling is a power tool in the arsenal of making important decisions. Following your intuition is a must and avoid second-guessing your higher self. Our intuition is usually correct, and a spiritual map quest guides us in the right direction.

3. Dreams can also be a powerful tool for developing intuition. They provide insight into our subconscious mind and uncover hidden truths. By maintaining a dream journal and writing you recollections as soon as you wake up, patterns or recurring themes may become noticeable.

4. Mindfulness “The Power of Now” is the art of being present in the moment. It can aid in developing intuition by increasing awareness of our surroundings, thoughts, and feelings. When we're mindful, we're more in alignment with our intuition.

5. It's not only essential to trust your intuition but immediately act on it. Even if it doesn't make logical sense at the time, it’s typically accurate. By acquiescing to the guidance of your intuition, you'll see favorable results in the totality of your life.

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