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Rockstar photo of Author David F. Smith in Newark, New Jersey

I'm a divergent writer who observes, analyzes and interacts with words and pictures.

David F. Smith is an esteemed novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, musician, and designer, originally hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey. Despite a turbulent past filled with involvement in crime, drugs, and violence, he found solace in music, which became his refuge. Harnessing his passion, he established his own record label and clothing line, marking the beginning of his artistic journey.

Expanding his creative horizons, David delved into the realms of authorship, screenwriting, and filmmaking. Notably, his novel, "Dying of a Light," transitioned successfully to the silver screen, solidifying his multifaceted talent. In his second literary endeavor, "Total Control: Volume One - The Infiltration," David explored the captivating world of science fiction. Additionally, drawing from his firsthand industry experience, he penned "The Smith's Quick Guide: Turning Music Into A Business Manual," offering invaluable resources to aspiring artists, filling the void he encountered when embarking on his own artistic career.

Beyond his literary pursuits, David's creativity extended to the realm of design. Under the tutelage of mentor Rafael Fishman at the renowned Custom Leather Shop in South Orange, New Jersey, he honed his craftsmanship in shoe making. Subsequently, he established the esteemed Chez Chic Boutique in Montclair, New Jersey, conveniently situated next to the legendary Stomp & Sound.

Presently, David resides in Newark, New Jersey, and has recently unveiled "The Discovery," the inaugural volume of his enchanting children's book series, "THE VITAMEN LEGACY," which is available in two languages. This latest endeavor showcases his unwavering dedication to captivating young minds through imaginative storytelling.


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